Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Soooo... there is this TAG: going around in Blogville, and I'm it! Yea, I love it!"
Thank you Deanna for thinking of me! (Please visit her blog by clicking on her name.)

Here's the rule.I tell you seven things about me that you wouldn't know.Then...I tag 7 fellow bloggers to share 7 things we wouldn't know about them.

From Laurie: If you want to pass it on, please do and if not, no pressure!!! (Some of you may have already received it.) I kept it simple and continued this from my last list, but there are so many other wonderful blogs I follow, too!!

1. I speak Spanish.

2. When I am really tired late at night, I am no use at all for anyone! (The mean monster tries to come out.)

3. I LOVE chocolate and peanut butter and HATE bugs of almost any kind.

4. My husband lived in Israel as a missionary for five years before we met.

5. I want to make movies one day:) (direct and/or write)

6. My back hurts when I stand up for along time- like now:) (I am at school at a podium.)

7. I can play the keyboard (some) and would love to lead worship one day on the keyboard. This stays on the very, very back burner.

So, again I am passing it on to the save eight (minus Deanna who gave this:), so please don't feel pressured to reciprocate this and His Light Shines award if it is too much.
Kelli at Faithful Life
(Okay, so he alreadyknows me!!!) Russell at Friend of Israel


  1. Thank You, Laurie, for thinking of me. May God bless your precious heart!

  2. Wow!!! what neat things learned about you!!!!
    thanks for playing :O)


  3. You are so funny. Another tag??? (smile) Thanks sweet sister!!

    --Your husbands experience must have been wonderful. Please share a bit about that.

    --I wish we lived closer so you could teach me Spanish!!!

    --What type of movies would you like to write/direct?

    Thanks for sharing with us. O, I'm with you on not liking any type of bug!!UGH!!

  4. I am grateful that you think of me...I did a tag once I have to think of 7 new things...this may take awhile *smile*!


  5. Laurie, Thank you and I will try to get them posted this week...I hope to have wifi while I am away.

  6. Laurie,
    I'll try and get to doing this later. I have a hard time when it comes to being computer savey and it causes me a lot of frustration. Be patient. I'm learning, but my time is short.