Wednesday, May 11, 2011

JOHN 14:1

John 14: 1 “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.

I hope to be back writing more on my blog. I can't promise that I will return the comments, though I would love to do so, because my life is more than busy! So, if I don't get back in touch, please know that I appreciate you and your stopping by and your comments. I had hoped to return writing when things in my life "settled". HA HA! Things are still unsettled, but one thing remains very, very settled. God is good and He is always there for me and you.

God has been speaking to my heart TODAY... to LIVE and that life doesn't have to be perfect to do so. Today, I am not to be troubled. Today, I am to seek Him. Today, I am to make the most of every opportunity. And, today, I am simply saying hello to all of my blogging friends and any readers. God loves you dearly and today, He has everything you need!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a little more time off...

I am finally feeling better . I was pretty nauseous and fatigued my first trimester and after getting a root canal and my family's flu recovery, I must say I feel much more like myself!!!!!!!!! We found out we are having a girl:)

Please forgive me for not responding to all of the wonderful emails and comments I got when I first signed off. I will probably not write again for a while, but I hesitate to give up the blog all together. It is possible we will move in the next few months and with baby girl coming, the blog has to be backburner. But, I miss you all and pray God's great blessings follow you daily!!!

Love you all!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hi everyone,

I wanted to update you on my family, since I have not written for a while. As many of you know we are in a big time of transition. The biggest transition of all, however, is that I am pregnant:) We are thrilled, but all of my energies are being put into rest and my family. I am putting writing on the shelf for a season and hope to start up again in the New Year when I feel more myself. I appreciate all of your prayers. If you want to reach me please email me as I probably won't be back here much at all for a while! Love to all,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


May we ever praise Him! May our children and children's children always rely upon Him! Please stop by Amy Deane's blog and consider joining WFW! Today WFW is hosted at Christy's Blog.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Thank you to everyone who is praying for my friend Kathy and her daughter, who I mentioned in last week's post!

When I have the opportunity to give a defense of my faith and the Bible, I will ask the person their beliefs and listen. Then, usually they will allow me to give mine. I stick to the core of Christianity and don't argue minor points. What is the core message of the Bible?--- We are all separated from God and only faith in Christ can reconcile us. What about Christ? Who do they say He is? Do they belive the Bible?

The Bible does hold up in every way and I will gladly hear any argument against it. Even if I don't know how to refute it, I will find out, because it can be refuted. The Bible stands the test of time. My husband talks about how no one is allowed to dispute the Koran. But, many want to dissect the Bible and refute it. The Bible is an open book. It can be disputed and it will prove true each time!!!

I also want to highly recommend the Apologetics Study Bible with Ted Cabal as the General Editor. I take the following information from today's post from an article in the Apologetics Study Bible by Normal L. Geisler (pages 468-469). (All quotes are from Geisler's article.)

"The Bible is the most accurately transmitted book from the ancient world." Geisler states that both the New and the old Testament's reliability is based on "their abundance, dating, and accuracy." (Though I pull from this article, I have read several other people's works and websites that give the same reasons in support of the Bible's authenticity.)

THEIR ABUNDANCE- Put in layman's terms, there have been more manuscripts found of the Old and New Testament than other texts. Supposedly Homers' Iliad has 643, the most. But, the "number of NT (New Testament) manuscripts is overwhelming (almost 5,700 Greek manuscripts)."

THEIR DATING- Both OT and NT manuscripts have been discovered more closely to the time they were written than other manuscripts. "The earliest undisputed NT manuscript is Jon Rylands Papyrus, dating between A.D. 117 and 138." Many more NT manuscripts were found dating to about 250.

THEIR ACCURACY- Both OT and NT manuscripts "were more accurately copied" than other texts. Scholars have looked at the texts that were found of different manuscripts and have found more textual corruption. The Greek Scholar A. T. Robertson estimated the Bible's accruacy of the New Testament at 99.9%, with other manuscripts people hold as authentic (Iliad of Homer and Mabharata of Hinduism) as 90 and 95% authentic respectively.

Of course, we believe the Bible to be 100% accurate as Christians. How else can you base your life on the Bible's teachings?