Wednesday, August 12, 2009


"What are you thankful for today? Stop by Sonya's blog, Truth 4 The Journey, to find out how to share your gratitude and see what others are thanking God for today."

1. My husband is off for two weeks- no studying! HALLELUJAH!

2. My son asked to go to the potty twice today and we haven't even officially started mission potty training. THANK YOU JESUS. (Candy rewards help too:)

3. We have a roof over our heads, clothes without tears, reliable cars, more than enough food, clean water to drink, a good gospel preaching church, great loving friends, and healthy growing children. Life is good.

4. I love my husband and am so grateful for him. I told him yesterday that it bothered me that there were toys left out in the yard (probably only four toys- I am ridiculous like that.) He said it didn't bother him and I said I would pick them up later. I looked out the window this morning and he had picked them up for me. He knows my love language:)

5. I love my mom and dad. I don't ever want to take them for granted. I thank the Lord for all the wonderful years I have had with them and hopefully many more to come.


  1. It's so nice that you have included your husband twice in your list! That is so sweet and it is good to be thankful for them isn't it? Well done for the boy asking for his potty! That is fab!
    Collette xxxx

  2. Your list made me smile today Laurie. You have a beautiful heart and I am so glad we are getting to know each other better!

  3. You are so sweet and I love stopping in here! You have such an appreciative heart.


  4. The potty training...I have never had the experience of trying to potty train a child, but I hear that it can be horrifing. We have a couple at church who have had this prayer I am Thankful with you that the little one has taken this up.

    Blessings & good luck!!!

  5. I have been there before and actually potty trained our daughter by an old fashioned oven timer set to go every hour. I could see how you would be very thankful for that! Sounds like you have a great Hubby too!

    Great T.T. Post!


  6. Laurie,

    Aren't love languages great once you know what they are and how to speak them? I too am grateful that Steve and I both discovered ours. It makes things much easier and it works on our kids as well.

    One is a canary and the other a puppy! Steve is a cat and I too am a canary!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. Lovely list. Have a Blessed evening,
    BTW good luck with the pt.

  8. This was a terrific list! Realizing one another's love language and then speaking it is such a great accomplishment in marriage!

    Take Care,
    Sonya Lee

  9. Great list. If you get this..maybe I could meet with you before I go to work tomorrow evening at Panera, Stony Point!
    Blessings, andrea

  10. Cute blog. Love how your comments post! Great list. We have a good gospel preaching church too! Soooo thankful for that!

  11. A very sweet post, dear. I'm glad the potty training is going well. Thank God for His blessings.

  12. Absolutely beautiful list of thank you's. The LORD is good!

    Love and hugs dear sister.