Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Recently, I have been frustrated with a lot of things. I am sorry one say to one of them has been my husband. Disappointments and silent resentments crept into my heart. We sat down one night and I shared that I felt I carried too much of the load in our family. That is the short story:) He offered to do a few additonal things and then he asked me a question. "How much do you pray for me a day?" I told him the honest truth--- not really at all. Maybe a quick 30 second prayer here or there. Since then, I have purposed to pray at least 10 minutes a day for my husband. And, EVERYTHING has changed- mostly in me!!! My husband is so wonderful, so helpful, but my heart kept me from seeing that. I have felt the wall in my heart and between us crumble as I pray for him daily!
I wanted to share what God is doing in my heart lately! Thank you also for your patience as I am writing less during this season. I welcome any ideas on how you ladies find the time to manage home, life, and, writing:) Lately, it has been a major struggle and I continue to pray for the help to balance it all. Blessings today! Please stop by AmyDeane's Blog for more words and images and consider joining her"Word-Filled-Wednesday" meme.


  1. thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. Lovely post!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like this post!

    Happy WFW! Blessings

  4. I love the verse and thank you for sharing your story. Such an encouragement for me to pray for my husband. Blessings!
    Beyond Motherhood

  5. Oh goodness...we all go through seasons like this...I had to stop and think to MUCH do I pray for my husband...I'm convicted ;)

    Thank you for sharing your heart here today...we've been given these gifts..we need to treasure them...


  6. Wonderful sincere, honest post. Thanks for sharing this. I struggle with time management also and have difficulty with blog posting regularly. I think eliminating some time wasters is in order for me. Blessings, SusanD

  7. I appreciate the rawness in this post and how God has proven once again how faithful He is when our prayers align with His will and how important praying is.

    Lovingly, Yolanda

    PS: I wrote something that beats to your writing on Monday.

  8. thank you so much for sharing this ... hope you are blessed today!

  9. Oooh Laurie
    This what you talked about could i have said(write..),with the difference that my dh's didn't asked me the question BUT GOD HIMSELF!!It's like i see, read and feel your struggle!
    I remember me giving it totally up and shared my whole heart and frustration to God. I clinged to him.....And i can tell you God never left me and my marriage....It was a heartchanging experience in both our hearts......If you like you can always email me to share more...
    The prayerbook i use(and am still using is) from Stormie Omartian
    Take care my friend
    Will remember to cover you in prayer

  10. Thank you for sharing. I think I'm somewhat guilty of not praying nearly as much as I should for my hubby. Thanks for reminding me just how important it is.

  11. Oh what a neat testimony. I'm so glad you shared this with us.

    Now, I will also commit to pray LONGER for my hubby as well.

    Blessings to you on this WFW♥

  12. Writing from your heart touches lives faster than anything. This post will likely help more women than you can imagine.
    Continue to share your heart with your readers. Much love and prayers, andrea

  13. This is a season I think we can all say we've been through. Purposing to pray for our husbands...great idea, Laurie. It's easy to let the 30 or 60 second prayers be the only ones we pray; however, with you noticing a difference praying more it teaches me that I should probably be spending some extra time in prayer for Steve. Thank you for sharing your heart, my friend.

  14. Thank you for sharing today. I have also found when I pray for my husband, it is ME who gets the most change (needed!)and blessings. Balance and priority setting is what helps me do the things that I need to do. What needs to be done first, which is the most important choice, etc. The best encouragement I can offer is to continue to stand fast in prayer for your husband. They need our prayers and support.

  15. That is so neat, and the picture is great.

  16. Laurie,

    Thank you for sharing what is been going on in your life. Opening up with the blogging community can be intimidating but it is a powerful tool. Not only are you communicating instead of holding what is troubling you on the inside, but you will see you will have so much love and support for you and your hubby here.

    You will not be judged but loved unconditionally and the power of prayer, well that just speaks for itself.

    Will definitely keep both of you in our prayers and praying for strength in your marriage as well! Hang in there, you just going through a nice growth spurt!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  17. Laurie, thank you for being so honest here. It is wise advice for us all to consider - when life's irritations seem to get the better of us - to pause and reflect on what I might be not doing that I should be. Like praying!


  18. Wonderful reminder to us all to always lift up our spouses in prayer. It is amazing what GOd can do with a heart that is humble and prayed up!

  19. Laurie! I have seen you grow so much in sharing your testimony! Your honesty and transparency surely touch the hearts of your readers!

    This is a much-needed reminder to pray for our spouses. I too had been experiencing some of this "silent" resentment until Jim's heart episode this weekend. I now thank God for him every minute, and pray for him often throughout the day.

    Yes, I too am the one who is changing:-)

    Blessings to you! Hey, would you send me an email with all your info: phone number, address, etc?!

    Love you

  20. I appreciate your transparent heart dear sister. On my Sharing Life with Lisa blog I have a label titled Marriage Flavor there are some post under there that may encourage you as well.

    I love you girl!

  21. It is nice to know that there are others that are going through the same kind of problems in life. My wife and I have been struggling ourselves with our marriage. I have been away so much this past year traveling for work which has left my wife with tking care of the home and 2 children. She has been dissapointed as well because I have been gone so much and working to much even when I have been home!

    I will pray for you and your husband that you become closer everyday and that you have a strong marriage based on Gods plan for the both of you. Please pray for my wife Kat at Heart 2 Heart and I as well as we could use it.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and life!

    Take care and Keep the Faith!